Adobe Flash: causing Chinese railway system to collapse


On January 12, the Chinese rail system experienced unexpected instability. And this is justified by the fact that the Adobe Flash Player plugin was closed, something that ended up unduly affecting the control of a station in the Asian country.

This is because China was left out of countries that would have the version of the plugin discontinued, as the company has a local partner, and the finalization would end up hindering. However, even this support did not prevent the country from being scared, since, at the moment when the global blockade was activated, the railway systems were brought down.

The information was shared on GitHub, where it was exposed that the bug was detected at 8:16 am in Dalian, and it took about 20 hours to resolve it, as it was necessary for the technicians to look for the cause of the problem, since they had not taken care of the problem. Flash Player issue.

It is worth remembering that the end of Afobe Flash, after 25 years of existence, was announced at the end of last year, where several users began to receive a notification window regarding the end of support after a small update in Windows 10, making it possible prepares for the inevitable “goodbye”.

However, China’s rail systems did not anticipate that the 12th day blockade would cause such a headache. Fortunately it was possible to solve it, but it would be very complicated if the reversal did not happen, as the risks to the management of the railway station would be incalculable.


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