Adobe adds sky replacement tool to Photoshop


Adobe has prepared an AI powered sky changing tool for Photoshop. Thanks to this tool, it will be possible to change the sky in photos with a few clicks. Sharing the preview of the feature on YouTube, the company will explain the details at the Adobe Max event it will organize next month.

This tool, which can automatically identify the foreground and background of photos with machine learning, will save users from developing complex masks to distinguish the two. Users will be able to upload some sky images to this tool.

The values ​​of the uploaded images such as temperature will be automatically improved by algorithms. For example, if you add a warm golden sunset, the remaining colors in the photo will be adjusted accordingly.

Adobe is not the first company to offer such a tool. Luminar has also helped change the sky in photos over the past year with a single click. With its new tool, Adobe is showing how it has improved its photo editor with the help of machine learning. It can be said that Adobe’s new Photoshop feature will benefit social media influencers who want to get likes with sunrise or sunset photos.

Adobe did not provide information about when the sky changing tool it prepared for Photoshop will be added to the application. It is necessary to wait for the Adobe Max event to be held between October 20-22 to hear the details on this subject.


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