ADMIRED by Jimin KBS News9 cameraman and proves


Netizens realized that the KBS News9 cameraman is a possible fanboy of BTS’s Jimin. Why? Here we tell you.

BTS that peaked at Billboard’s ‘Hot 100’ appeared on KBS News9. The channel had broadcast the news footage since before the BTS members arrived on set.

On September 10 KST, KBS live streamed the news broadcast process through its YouTube channel. On this day, they showed the BTS members entering the studio and accommodating Jimin among them.

However, many netizens have taken an interest in the cameraman when she zoomed in on a member’s face multiple times.

Before the news started, the BTS members wore their masks as they sat in the studio waiting for the news to air. During that time, Jimin was sitting while all the cameras were focused on him.

After the YouTube live stream, this clip was shared by many fans on online communities.

Jimin grabs attention

One fan said: “KBS was broadcasting the news prep live and without warning the cameraman zoomed in on Jimin’s face several times. So I was surprised. But I was glad to see his handsome face so up close. Like this. I’m thankful. ”

Other fans also noticed this and shared the video on other social networks such as Twitter.

On the news that day, BTS took the time to have an exclusive interview with host Lee So Jung. BTS stated, “We still don’t believe it,” as they mentioned being No. 1 on Billboard’s ‘Hot 100’ for two consecutive weeks.

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