Adina Ross was spanked during a live broadcast on Twitch


For many, Twitch is an entertainment platform where viewers can watch broadcasts of their favorite games or just chat with their fans. However, since Twitch is a live streaming service, things can go wrong, especially for popular streamers on the platform. This can lead to extreme cases where some viewers call special forces on a certain streamer, which can sometimes lead to a frightening scenario where the live broadcast of the personality is interrupted by angry armed police. Recently, the iShowSpeed YouTube streamer was slammed, and the teenager was even handcuffed to the camera.

Adin Ross is the latest major Twitch personality to join the list of streamers who have been banned. Ross doesn’t have the best history with Twitch: back in April, he was blocked indefinitely for allegedly using hateful insults or symbols in his streams. However, in June of this year, Adin Ross returned to Twitch, and since then there has been a boom in viewership. This latest swoop case marks another disturbing development for a popular streamer when he is dangerously close to arrest.

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In an excerpt from the broadcast of Adin Ross on Twitch, viewers can see that the streamer is not in the field of view of his webcam, but soon a policeman with a gun appears in the frame. Then several more armed officers follow, who seem to be searching the house for something. Finally, Ross returns to his desk to announce that he is ending the stream. He then appears to address his viewers, saying, “Whatever the troll did, you did it.”

When Ross smiles, calling the troll who hit him, it seems that he is not too shocked by the appearance of armed police in his house. He also states that “it will never happen again,” presumably referring to the swatting. Despite the fact that the strike really seems like a crazy event, it often happens for a popular streamer that armed police raid his house. As already mentioned, most recently iShowSpeed was also attacked, and this year the police came to other streamers, and one of the Twitch participants was attacked during a charity stream.

Adin Ross has been hit before, but it happened in 2021 during a meeting with fans. However, in this case, it turned out that the police were fake. Ross has become one of the biggest streamers on Twitch in recent years, so it is possible that he may face a similar situation in the future, despite his statement that it will never happen again. With so many viewers watching his streams, it’s quite possible that one of them will try to swat him.


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