Adin Ross Says He Will Visit Andrew Tate in Prison: “See you in Romania”


The budding friendship between Adin Ross and Andrew Tate continues, and the former announces that he plans to go and visit the latter in prison after learning that he has been added to Tate’s visiting list.

On December 29, 2022, Romanian authorities raided Andrew Tate’s home and took him into custody. After this initial news, it turned out that the influential person would remain in custody for at least 30 days.

Since then, fellow content creator Adin Ross has been talking more often about his friendship with Tate. An admission that the news of Andrew’s recent charges and arrest affected him and had an impact. Fast forward to January 18, when Tate announced that he had added Adin to his list of visits. This means that he will be allowed to visit Tate in prison.

Fans of the two content creators were eagerly awaiting Adin’s response, which he gave in a recent update video on YouTube. Adin began the video by reading out Tate’s last tweet, which confirmed that he would be allowed to meet Andrew in prison.

“I allow five people to visit me in prison. Four of them are family members, and the fifth is Adin, that’s me,” he began, before adding, “I woke up from this and I had the widest smile on my face. I’m like, oh my God, this is real, this is crazy.”

“I have already told you guys that with Andrew, he accepted me, and you showed maximum love and respect for me and my peers. He never caused me strange, creepy emotions and never pushed me with his shoulder. He was always with open arms and love. But yes, I feel amazing and just so happy in life. I wake up every day and I’m just so grateful and grateful for everything in my life.”

Then Adin continued: “I work every day, go to the gym, work on myself. So I’m just telling you all right now that I’m locked up. And the answer to everyone’s question: am I going to see Andrew in prison because he put me on his list of visits.”

Then Adin started his car, gave it a turn and said: “Andrew Tate, I’m on my way. See you in Romania. G. I love you, brother.” At the time of writing, Adin Ross has not visited Andrew Tate in prison. However, when and if he does, we will definitely keep you informed.


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