Adin Ross Offers Banks “FaZe 2.0” Amid Ongoing Drama


Adin Ross spoke with the co-owner of FaZe Clan Banks after an internal struggle broke out within the organization.

On March 12, Teeqo, who has been a member of the FaZe Clan for most of 12 years, attacked the North American organization, saying that the owners never “bothered” with him, and also allegedly gave priority to payers. new members.

Since then, other participants have also come forward to “expose” FaZe for alleged wrongdoing, including co-owner Rain, who has repeatedly criticized his organization over the past few months.

While many participants expressed their thoughts about the situation, one of them remained particularly quiet — it was co-owner Ricky Banks. However, in a recent broadcast with Twitch star turned Kick streamer Adin Ross, Banks finally spoke about the situation.

Banks talks about the drama FaZe Clan

Live on March 24, Adin jumped on FaceTime with Banks, where he proposed to him, suggesting that they both create FaZe 2.0.

“Listen, you and I are doing FaZe 2.0, and damn it, we’re doing this shit where it used to be,” Adin said.

Banks responded by giving Adin a bit of an “inside scoop” by revealing that he was currently working on a project, although he remained silent as to what he was actually working on. “Dad is working on something very big,” he said.

“To hell with corporations, we have to give the children back their minds!” replied Adin.

Time stamp 0:57

On March 23, the organization received a notice from Nasdaq stating that their ordinary shares “do not meet the minimum offer price of $1 required to continue listing on the Nasdaq capital market” for 30 consecutive business days.

If an organization fails to restore the price of its shares to $1 within at least 10 business days before September 19, 2023, it risks being excluded from the stock market listing.


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