Adin Ross Calls on Twitch to Finally Ban Hot Tub Streams: “It promotes poison”


Twitch giant Adin Ross has called on the Amazon-owned platform to permanently ban hot tub streams, saying they are a “problem” and “propagandize poison” among viewers.

Hot tub streams have been part of Twitch’s “meta” for almost two years now. Back in early 2021, the popularity of hot tub streams increased dramatically, and since then they have divided the streaming community.

Many Twitch streamers, such as xQc, have criticized them and suggested that they violate Twitch’s rules regarding clothing.

The platform has even introduced a new category for hosting streams, but given that the year 2023 is in full swing, they continue to be a bone of contention.

Now Adin Ross has weighed in on their continued prevalence and called on Twitch to ban them once and for all.

Adin Ross Wants Twitch to ban streams in the jacuzzi

In a Twitch thread on January 20, Ross stated that they “propagandize poison” and represent unacceptable content that would be banned if it were not protected by the name “jacuzzi”.

“I saw one person who lost a lot of money gambling,” he began. “Guys, you banned gambling, you quickly moved on to this. I think we have a problem with Twitch. I think hot tub streams should be banned on Twitch… it’s a portal for “Fans Only”. It’s in the same category as gambling.”

Gambling has become another hot topic on the platform recently. By the end of 2022, Twitch had come down hard on them after calls from creators like Pokimane to ban them. The debate continues as streamers look for workarounds and move to new platforms that are part of the gambling world.

Ross continued, speaking even more assiduously about the hot tub water flows: “It promotes the poison, you know what I’m saying, in the brain… I’m going to say it straight out.”

He claimed that it “fuels addiction” in viewers, and claimed that hot tubs are part of a broader problem of “soft porn” on the platform.

Another question is whether Twitch listens to Ross’ opinion and makes serious changes. Their reaction to gambling shows that the biggest creators have a certain influence on the future of the platform.


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