Adil Rami Again In A Relationship?


After Pamela Anderson, the former Marseille Adil Rami has once again love a famous influencer.The times follow and seem to look alike for Adil Rami. After her violent break with Pamela Anderson, Adil Rami is in a relationship again. We explain to you!

From a sports point of view, the morale of Adil Rami is not good. A failed season at Olympique de Marseille was right in its international status. Not helped by a difficult season of the club, he had gradually lost his place as holder for the young Boubacar Kamara.

To continue playing he had therefore made the choice to go into exile. The Turkish league attracts more and more former residents of Ligue 1. He joined the summer Fenerbah├že. The emblematic club in Turkey, the Fener knows a half-hearted season. The former Marseille also does not know the expected success. He has already made a mistake that cost his team a goal. But he found something to console himself with.


Single after his stormy separation with Pamela Anderson, Adil Rami allows himself some outings. The happy elected is called Hofit Golan. Their meeting was made in Monaco. Hofit is invited in all the trendy parties around the world. His influence is global. She met the player in nightclub. It’s the player who tagged it on one of his insta stories.

For the moment nothing official, however. Known as joker and charmer, Adil Rami honors his reputation once again. Pamela Anderson had even accused him of leading a double life during their separation. Hofit Golan does not seem to be in love with the footballer at the moment. She did not post a photo on Instagram with the footballer. A sign that announces that their romance is fictional?

We can not know. But nothing conclusive for the moment. To be continued.


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