Adidas Produces ‘Rigged’ Running Shoes With 3D Printing


Adidas has been collaborating with Carbon, which works on 3D printing technology, for over 4 years. With this partnership, the German sportswear brand has developed a model for running that we can call fraudulent. Adidas directs the vertical impact to the horizontal forward movement in the sports shoes produced with a 3D printer.

On the other hand, the design of the shoe is also interesting. The product with a perforated base brings some advantages for comfort along with its striking appearance.

Adidas improves running performance thanks to sports shoes produced with 3D printer

We see that Adidas has also focused on 3D printing technology in recent years. In its new model, the brand emphasizes running performance as well as comfort and design elements. However, this feature found an echo with the definition of “cheating” in the foreign press.

The product introduced by the sportswear company was put to the test at the University of Calgary. According to the test, sports shoes produced by Adidas with 3D printing; provides advantages in forward motion, friction force and running economy. This is due to the shoe’s 4DFWD midsole.

The shoe converts the vertical press force into forward motion with its sole coming out of the 3D printer. Therefore, it provides an increase in running performance.

Let us point out that Adidas does not skip the comfort side. The sole, produced by the brand with a 3D printer, is made of polyester, and the upper side is made of polyester. Thus, the shoes can be worn with a sock-like fit and promises comfortable use.


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