Adidas Launches Sneakers With 3D Printed Parts and 4D Technology


Adidas, This Wednesday (5), in partnership with Carbon, Adidas announced the 4DFWD, an athletic shoe that features parts produced on 3D printers and will be used by Olympic competitors. Combining data from the sports brand with Digital Light Synthesis technology, the launch has in its structure a 4D trellis capable of propelling those who use it forward.

Among the features of the novelty is the reduction of the braking force by 15% when compared to that of ordinary footwear, representing the beginning of a radical change in manufacturing provided by the use of devices previously aimed mainly at the creation of prototypes of different products. This is because layered constructions make designs impossible to be reproduced by traditional machines.

“We have arrived at a perfect truss midsole that is designed to compress forward under load and acts against mechanical forces, providing a unique slip sensation for our runners and runners,” said Sam Handy, vice president of design for running shoes Adidas, in a statement.

Phil DeSimone, director of product and business development at Carbon, stressed that the companies believe that this will be the unit manufactured using the highest volume method seen so far.

“We spent about 18 months with computer design tools and constant material tests”, explains the executive. The next step, he points out, is to focus on customized solutions.

Prime time

According to the survey The State of 3D Printing Report: 2021, which presents data from companies operating in different industries in 86 countries, of the 1,900 3D companies, 52% already use their equipment to bring to light more than just projects.

The growing adherence to the approach solves, day after day, problems such as consistency from one manufacturing run to another, high amount of post-processing required before printed items can be used and high cost of raw materials.

In the case of 4DFWD, it took about 5 million simulations to reach the result, which will be available to the public from July 1st for US $ 240. “We traveled a long way from our beginning in a garage producing chess pieces” , celebrates DeSimone, who adds: “The technology is here and ready for prime time.”


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