Adidas and LEGO Launch Sneakers With Classic Toy Colors


Adidas announced a new sneaker collection in collaboration with LEGO. Named ZX8000 Bricks, the line features six pairs inspired by the primary colors of the popular toy with assembled parts.

Unlike the multicolored version launched in 2020, the new shoes focus on one of the classic colors of “bricks”. In the case: black, red, yellow, blue, green and gray.

According to the information, the sneakers in the new collection feature a mesh upper combined with synthetic suede overlays. Furthermore, the contour of the TPU heel simulates the texture of the toys.

“These shoes are a reminder of the power of creativity, showing the elements that make LEGO pieces famous around the world. Bold colors, blocks and fun ”, reveals the description of the line.

The new models will be launched on May 7, 2021 on the Adidas website. With numbers for children and adults, each pair of shoes will cost from US $ 140 – about R $ 750.

To celebrate the launch of the ZX8000 Bricks collection, LEGO published a video featuring the “manufacturing process” of sneakers:

Old partnership

The partnership between LEGO and Adidas began in September 2020. The two companies came together to launch the A-ZX Series collection that involves clothing, accessories and other footwear models inspired by small pieces.

Previously, the Danish toy maker has partnered with other clothing brands. For example, Levi’s had a line entirely based on the famous colored blocks in 2020.


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