Adds real-time translation support to Cisco Webex


Almost everyone has been found in environments where communication is difficult due to the language barrier. Cisco has rolled up to eliminate this problem in video calls over Webex. The service’s real-time translation tool will be able to translate from English to more than 100 languages ​​with the latest update.

Cisco points out that thanks to Webex’s real-time translation feature, companies will not have to pay for third-party translation software in multi-lingual meetings. In addition, it is stated that thanks to this feature, language can cease to be a barrier in recruitment. While this may seem like a bit too optimistic, it’s not hard to predict that Webex’s large-scale real-time translation feature will delight users.

Similar features were recently announced for Webex’s competing platforms. For example, Google Meet users have been able to take advantage of the caption tool provided by since January. Video conferencing services also offer subtitle features to strengthen accessibility muscles.


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