Addresses the Xbox PC community: “There’s more to do”


Those of Redmond are building an ecosystem that will intersect on all kinds of devices, including consoles and the PC. It is not the first time that Phil Spencer, CEO of the Xbox division, has openly demonstrated his support for the PC as a platform, which is not surprising considering the strategy the company has adapted since the manager replaced Don Mattrick in the Market Stall.

Spencer has once again reiterated the importance of compatible in his business vision, and although he acknowledges that there is still work to do, he is satisfied with the support received through Steam and the Xbox Game Pass on PC.

“I would like to thank the community for their support on PC,” he comments in a post on his official Twitter account. “We have made communications like this several times over the years and the skeptical response we received was deserved. There is still work to do, but the support we are seeing in Xbox Game Pass on PC and Steam right now is great, thanks, ”the manager publishes.

Two different strategies

Unlike Sony and its PlayStation 5, Microsoft has taken a different direction and has opted to offer its titles on various platforms. Thus, the console business will not disappear, but the new generation machine of the Redmond, Xbox Series X, will be only one of the options to enjoy the catalog of games from Xbox Game Studios, the network of internal teams of the company.

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In that strategy, Xbox Game Pass has become one of the cornerstones in which everything else orbits. By subscription, players can access a catalog of hundreds of video games. As if that were not enough, from September the Ultimate subscription will integrate Project xCloud, Microsoft’s cloud technology. That means that users of the service will be able to enjoy their games on mobile devices, through streaming.


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