Additions to the cast of the 4th season of the TV series “Boys” have been revealed, confirming that Ryan Butcher will play a big role


After the success of the third season of “Boys”, new actors were announced for the 4th season of “Boys”. They include the addition of Valory Curry, who will portray Firecracker, and Susan Hayward, who will play Sister Sage.

It is especially noteworthy for fans of the series that Cameron Krovetti, who played the permanent role of Ryan Butcher in the second and third seasons, will join the cast on a permanent basis. Being the son of a Homelander, the increased attention to the Butcher confirms that he will play a big role in the new season.

The Boys’ showrunner Eric Kripke acknowledged this in a recent interview with IGN.

“If [homelander] is allowed to raise Ryan, he will raise Ryan as a second homelander with apocalyptic stakes. If he stays in this environment, he’s on his way to becoming another homelander,” Kripke said. “And so I think this is a hint of what one of the main conflicts in the fourth season will be, namely the battle of the Butcher and the Homelander over Ryan.”

We were very impressed with the third season of The Boys, and our review stated that the show is “unstoppable at the moment.”

“What else can I say, besides the fact that season 4 has already begun, because I would watch 20 more episodes of “Boys” right now, given the unwavering quality of season 3. At the moment, without a doubt, “Boys” is one of the best shows. about streaming,” wrote reviewer Matt Donato.

It is expected that “Boys” will be released between the summer of 2023 and the spring of 2024. While you’re waiting, check out our list of the best TV shows of 2022 at the moment.


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