Addison Rae Explains Why Kendince TikTok Is Better Than Instagram


The TikTok phenomenon Addison Rae suggested that the popular video sharing app is more successful than Instagram. Rae also revealed the secret of great content, interpreting the rise of TikTok.

TikTok rose rapidly and became the sixth most downloaded application of the last 10 years. Addison Rae, 19, one of the world’s most popular content producers in Tiktok, has shed light on the rise of the platform and why it has become so popular.

Addison Rae thinks TikTok is more successful than Instagram, one of the most popular applications of social media, as a new social media form. The phenomenon, which has more than 31 million followers at TikTok, commented on the success of the video sharing platform.

TikTok gives people the opportunity to express themselves
Addison Rae said, “I think the social network gives everyone the ability to express themselves much more than a photo. TikTok has become a place where everyone is welcome.” said. Also, there are people who will join the platform, “Let me see you! As long as you are at TikTok, there are people who will enjoy your content and interact. Everyone loves to see new things!” gave the message.

Rae stressed that TikTok offers the opportunity to offer a wide range of original, unique content compared to Instagram and is a more inclusive platform. In other words, Instagram offers people the obligation to follow the trends, while TikTok offers the opportunity to be like them.

The secret of a great Tiktok video: Lighting
Rae also revealed the secret of a great TikTok video and stated that the time taken for the video is really important to capture the appropriate lighting conditions in the contents. The famous phenomenon, “The key is good lighting. I always try to record at noon.” said.

Addison Rae, born in Los Angeles, is also close friends with 15-year-old Charli D’Amelio, who now owns TikTok’s most followed account. Addison Rae, who downloaded TikTok in the summer of 2019, managed to reach 31 million followers in just 9 months.


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