Addison Montgomery’s best scene was fighting with Derek


Things aren’t always what they seem and Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) managed to turn things around with Grey’s Anatomy fans, there was one scene in particular that made fans love her. So what was the scene and why does it have Reddit users in awe of Montgomery?

Most successful dramas tend to have the ‘it’ couple that everyone wants to see together, for early Grey’s Anatomy fans, those were Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) and Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo). True, there was a lot of wrong with the relationship, but they looked so cute together that everyone was cheering for them.

The drama kept them apart, but in the first season finale of Grey’s Anatomy, it finally seemed like the beloved couple would find their happily ever after, that’s when Addison Montgomery appeared.

While it was true that Montgomery had a less-than-stellar background, it quickly became clear that she was acting out of place when she slept with Sloan (Eric Dane), and that her marriage to Shepherd was failing before that happened. As Grey’s Anatomy fans watched Montgomery fight for her patients, they began to love her.

Recall that Montgomery was able to step out of the shadow of her past and show who she really was, Grey’s Anatomy fans saw a lovable and funny woman who just wanted someone to love her as much as she loved them. However, there was one scene in particular that really showed who Montgomery was.

Let’s not forget that Montgomery, she had a unique way of putting others in her place and walking away from her. The first time she really showed this was in one of the notorious elevator scenes on Grey’s Anatomy, where she put not one, but three men in her place.

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When Shepherd, Sloan, and Preston Burke (Isaiah Washington) got on the elevator, they immediately demanded to know why Webber (James Pickens) dyed his hair, and then started laughing about it. Montgomery (Kate Walsh) showed the protective side of her and pushed the three men towards the back of the elevator and once she had her attention, saying:

“He is alone. All alone! Do any of you know what that is? ”

Then came a series of comments from Montgomery who left those men very disturbed by the tirade and they fired Webber, they also learned to treat Montgomery with more respect on Grey’s Anatomy.


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