Adding contacts to WhatsApp will be easier! New feature


The WABetaInfo platform, known for sharing beta updates to WhatsApp applications, announced that there are innovations in the beta version of the application and changes that will please users. According to this statement, adding WhatsApp contacts becomes much easier.

Adding contacts to WhatsApp is easier: QR code period
It will start to support reading QR codes, which are of great importance for WhatsApp users. With the personal QR code feature that users will be able to share on WhatsApp, they will offer a practical solution in this regard.

In addition, if your personal code is shared with the wrong person, you are given the opportunity to reset it and create a new one. There is no limit in this regard.

A QR code icon will be added to WhatsApp with the update. This will offer two different options. One will display the user’s QR code, and the other will allow other codes to be scanned via camera or gallery.

The new feature is expected to come to iOS and Android platforms. Of course, for this feature, which is currently in beta, users have to wait a little longer.


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