Addictive Site: How Does Your Iceberg Float?


A software developer has developed a website that turns imaginary drawings into iceberg. The site, which can be used on smartphones and internet browsers, shows how much of a drawing you made is an iceberg, how much of it can stay above water and how much can be underwater.

A software developer named Joshua Tauberer has published a website called “Iceberger”. This website turns a drawing you make, pushing the limits of your imagination, into a polar iceberg. After waiting for a while, the website, which shows how the shape you draw might look like if it is an iceberg, seems to attract the attention of many users.

The Iceberger project was developed to emphasize that ice mountains have invisible faces, both to show the importance of these natural formations and to draw attention to global warming. The site, where you can only make two-dimensional drawings for now, can become much more popular if it starts to support the third dimension.

Iceberger is very easy to use

Once you’re on the website, all you have to do is draw something using your mouse or finger. Then this drawing you made starts to act according to the estimated values ​​and shows how much of your drawing will remain under water and how much will remain above water.