Added a Doomsday Counter Counting Downwards to Fortnite


Players logging into Fortnite this morning encountered an interesting counter. This apocalyptic counter, both seen on the home screen and Midas’ office, was an interesting surprise to the players. Let’s take a closer look at this Doomsday Counter.

This counter that players face today on the game login screen is also located in Midas’ office. This counter has not been found yet on the original map of the game. In the image shared below, we can see the counter counting down from 7 days, 6 hours and 20 minutes. According to this information, the counter will end on Saturday, May 30, next week.

After the end of the 2nd season, the end date of the season was announced as June 4. But with this new coming Doomsday Countdown Timer, we get the knowledge that there will be new developments in the game just before the end of the season.

Here is the Doomsday Counter in Midas’ office:
Of course, as many of us guessed, this Apocalyptic Counter is related to Fortnite’s huge Doomsday Device. This Apocalypse Appliance has started to strengthen its tubes, get stronger and threaten all game menus. In Midas’ office, we can see that the Apocalypse Device has started to shine behind. To explain this event briefly, the Shadow character is about to defeat the Ghost and take over the Agency. When this happens, the Doomsday Device will also be activated. In addition, ring-shaped clouds stating that something bad is happening has gathered on the Agency building.

Clouds collected over the agency building:
As a result of these new developments, the ‘Storm the Agency’ event will be added to the game next week. The future of this event was already known to the players. But with the new Doomsday Counter, we can now know exactly when this event will come. Also, according to some information about Season 3, it turned out that the next season will have a water-related theme. In this context, it is thought that a concept like flooding the game map will be covered. The flood expected to come soon will of course be related to the activation of the Apocalypse Device. However, it is not yet known exactly what effect the Apocalypse Device will have and how it will realize this flood disaster.


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