Add reminders to Google Calendar: Learn how


For those who fear to forget important appointments, Google Calendar can be the perfect ally in the process of remembering them. In a simple way, it is possible to add reminders to the calendar and be notified when the scheduled time arrives. After all, you can still customize it according to your needs.

Check out this process step by step.

How to add reminders in Google Calendar

On your computer, the first step is to access Google Calendar at In it, look on the left side of the screen “My calendars”, a menu followed by some boxes, like “Contacts” and “Tasks”.

Locate the “Reminders” option and make sure it is also checked, because that is what allows your appointments to appear on the calendar. When the verification is complete, it’s time to actually add the event that you don’t want to forget.

To do this, simply locate the specific date on which the reminder should occur and select it. The command will cause a new screen to appear, which must be filled with the necessary information. Click on “Reminder” to specify and add a title to avoid forgetting what that appointment is about.

After that, just choose the reminder time. If it is not necessary to specify a time, the platform gives the option to adjust so that the event is extended for the whole day; just click on the box next to the “All day” function.

That done, you need to adjust the repetition frequency. This point has very different options, allowing the user to be remembered whenever he wants, both daily and weekly, monthly and even annually. If none of the alternatives are sufficient, Google Calendar gives you the option to customize the repetition frequency to suit your needs.

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Check the data again, from the selected day to the scheduled time. If everything is right, just click “Save”.

If you notice that there was a mistake in the information, just change the filled data. To do this, open Google Calendar and select the reminder you want to update by clicking on the pen icon, which serves to edit the content. With the command, you can change all the details, from the title provided to the time and the repetition frequency.

The process can be repeated as many times as necessary.


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