How to add PIN to Netflix profiles to control access


Netflix on Tuesday announced a series of new features to give parents greater control over what their children watch on the platform. Among the novelties is the profile lock with PIN, to avoid use by children.

With the new functionality, the primary account user can, for example, restrict full access to their profile on the streaming service or prevent children from creating exclusive profiles using the account, in addition to adding other layers of privacy.

This update of Netflix parental controls also brought the possibility to exclude titles not appropriate for certain age groups and to remove series or movies by title. When this last filter is activated, the blocked productions no longer appear for the chosen profile.

Now, parents and guardians can find out everything the children watched on the service, using the profile created for them, and turn off the automatic display of the next video. The settings for each profile are now available in the Parental Control center.

How to put PIN in profile
To add PIN protection on Netflix, you need to select the “Account” option from the drop-down menu next to the user image. Go to “Profile and parental control” and select, from the profiles associated with the account, the one you want to restrict. In “Profile lock”, in the drop-down menu, click “Change”, enter the password and enter the desired PIN.

Once this is done, the lock icon will appear under that profile after updating the page, and access to it will only be released by entering the code created. If you want to remove it, just redo the steps indicated.

An important detail is that to recover the PIN just enter the password to access Netflix. With that, all the people who know it may end up discovering the code created to block the profile. That is, to really have control over the other profiles, especially the children’s ones, it is necessary that only the main user of the account knows the password.


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