Add music with lyrics to your WhatsApp statuses


You can add music with lyrics to your WhatsApp statuses and be the sensation on the platform

Thanks to the most recent updates on social networks it is possible to share our day-to-day life and get to know that of our friends. Much of this is thanks to Facebook stories, WhatsApp statuses and Instagram Stories, the latter being the most complete of all.

Facebook has the advantage of being linked with Instagram and sharing the stories at the same time, however, WhatsApp has been forgotten and is not linked to Instagram, nor does it have the innumerable qualities and functions of Instagram Stories such as: GIF’s , polls, questions, filters, effects and music or song lyrics.

And although Instagram Stories can be downloaded before being published, it is true that if you have added music to them it is no longer possible, this due to the copyright and copyright of the songs.

Luckily, there is a trick to move your WhatsApp to a microSD card, to leave a group without being noticed and to be able to share music and songs with their respective lyrics just like Instagram through WhatsApp states.

Adding music with lyrics

The solution is on a page called Instadp, which allows you to download Instagram Stories with all the filters you have organized or the qualities you have added and share them again through WhatsApp statuses. To do this, follow this step by step:

Create an Instagram story, with the details you like the most, even song lyrics.
Post normally.
Now go to Instadp. On this web page you will see a “Search engine” to write your username. Hitting “Enter” will show all the stories that are published.
Once you have found the one you want to share in WhatsApp status, click “Download”.
Ready, now it is possible to replicate the same story on WhatsApp.

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An important point to achieve this trick is that your Instagram is “Public” so that the Instadp website can identify and find it quickly. The rest is a piece of cake, you can replicate stories on all your social networks.


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