Add emergency information to your lock screen with One UI


With One UI, adding and displaying emergency information to your Samsung smartphone has become very easy and straightforward. It is very important to have your smartphone ready in an emergency. Of course, smartphones come with a number of different emergency options, regardless of brand. However, EMUI has an emergency menu that you can configure and offers the option to add information to the lock screen with Samsung’s One UI.

How to add emergency information to your Samsung smartphone with One UI?

Samsung smartphones with the latest versions of the UI such as One UI 2.5 have the ability to add contact information to the lock screen. Although this feature does not have as many options as in the EMUI menu, it allows you to add some important information such as contact information that can help in emergencies.

With Samsung allowing you to add contact information to the phone lock screen, the phone number of the person we will call in an emergency can be added to the lock screen. At the same time, in addition to the phone number, some information such as allergies or blood type can be included on the lock screen.

In order to add this information that everyone can see when they look at the lock screen, you should follow these steps;

  • Open the settings.
  • Go to the lock screen section.
  • Enter the contact information.
  • Click to select emergency information.
  • Enter the requested information.

If you go to the lock screen of your phone after following these steps, you will see that the text you wrote appears on the lock screen. In addition, let’s note that this information appears just below the date and time on the screen.

Whether it’s a relative’s phone number or data about your personal health, any user can add emergency information to their Samsung smartphone with One UI. Finally, let’s remind you that when you want to change the information you added, you should follow the steps above again.


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