How to Add and Edit Location in Yandex Maps?


Do you know that you can edit the maps you see on Yandex Maps, one of the popular services of Yandex? Yandex offers all users the possibility to edit maps, thereby aiming to make the navigation experience more successful.

We can say that Yandex, the Russian rival of US Google, attracts attention with the most Maps service today. Although there are services like Yandex Disk, Yandex Mail, Yandex Maps offers quite different opportunities compared to its competitors. Of course, the way you find your way in an unfamiliar area is the same, but the personal mapping service doesn’t look as effective as Yandex on Apple or Google’s services.

We have the authority to edit maps that exist in Yandex Maps as users, that is, public. The additions we make are confirmed, just like in a Wikipedia article. After this stage, the whole world can see the arrangements we made on Yandex Maps. For example, a new road has been opened in your neighborhood, a new bridge has been built or are there new buildings, it becomes possible to report them one by one and get immediate results. Let’s learn how to use the Yandex Maps Editor tool together.

How to become a Yandex Maps Editor?

Yandex names all users who make and want to make changes on Maps as “Yandex Maps Editor”. If you want to be a Yandex Maps Editor and you can save the changes you see in your environment to Yandex Maps, you can relax the traffic density of other users. The first thing to do is to be a Yandex user. For this;

Open the Yandex identity creation page.
Here you enter your real name, surname, a new username you will set,
Fill in all the requested information correctly and click the “Register” button at the bottom,
Your account has been created. You can customize it as you wish,
Now let’s continue with Yandex Maps.

Start editing on Yandex Maps:

Open the Yandex Maps Editor page.
Your editor account will be created automatically.
Find it by typing the name or coordinates of the place you want to add on the map.
Once you find the place, click on the “Create” button
If you have successfully created your Yandex account, you can start editing maps as Yandex Maps Editor. If you already have a saved location in your Yandex account, you can start editing directly from there. If you do not have a previously saved location, find the area you want to edit on Yandex Maps and start editing.

You can add road, building, address, place name, access point, vegetation, land, water area, flat area, administrative boundary, road construction work and parking lot to your chosen location.
After selecting the area you want to add, write the details about the area correctly.
Then draw the boundaries of the area you want to add with your mouse.
After drawing the area and typing the details about the area correctly, click on the “Save” button,
After the area you added and the information of the area is checked by Yandex, it will be visible to everyone on Yandex Maps.

If you want to change the detail you have saved;
Click on the area you added to the maps
You will see the field information,
Click the edit button consisting of three dots side by side
Choose the one that best fits your transaction from the delete, copy, undo edits, complain, and share options,
Save the changes after completing,
Your last changes will be published after being checked by Yandex.

It is that easy to be a Yandex Maps Editor. If environmental changes such as roads and buildings have been made in the place you live, you can make adjustments to the maps you see on Yandex Maps. Remember that everyone can see your changes, so you need to enter the correct details.


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