ADATA prepared a full $ 10 thousand keyboard


Although it does not bring innovation in keyboard technologies, ADATA’s new product is waiting for its rich customers with a price tag of 10 thousand dollars thanks to its 24 carat gold plated keys.

CES 2020 was not only an event that introduced innovative products, but also became an area where manufacturers tried to attract attention with different solutions for luxury consumption.

That’s $ 10,000.
ADATA, one of the most important companies in the memory and player equipment market, came to the stage with a surprise product at CES 2020 fair. The company produced a gold-plated keyboard sample worth $ 10,000.

The gold-plated keyboard was originally made with a special customer’s demand. Afterwards, ADATA prepared 5 more of this keyboard and brought it to the fair. Thus, he hopes to attract the attention of buyers who do not consider his pocket.

The luxury keyboard doesn’t have any enhancements. The keys are made of aluminum alloy and covered with 24 carat gold. Thus, the keyboard itself and the key feel a little heavier. It is also stated that the keys remain cold all the time. There is no plate under the keys. It is not known whether ADATA will produce more of them.


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