“Adaptive noise canceling” technology from Qualcomm


Active noise canceling feature in headphones is among the features that many people are looking for. The reason for this is that people who are in the rush of daily life want to be isolated from the outside while listening to something with headphones or watching TV series / movies. As such, those who choose the headset option as “active noise canceling” now get an option from Qualcomm. What does Qualcomm adaptive active noise canceling offer?

Qualcomm adaptive active noise canceling technology

Qualcomm today announced adaptive active noise cancellation for true wireless headphones called Adaptive Noise Cancellation.

For this, the company says it’s a technology designed to provide an enhanced user experience in active noise canceling headphones. Indeed, this technology will adjust the audio performance in real time, depending on how the headphones fit the user’s ear.

This is actually quite similar to the technology used in Apple’s AirPods Pro for a while. When active noise cancellation is turned on in AirPods Pro, significant successful results are obtained.

The adaptive side of Qualcomm’s new technology also comes into play here, as the adaptive feature of AirPods Pro allows you to automatically adjust the sound output according to the shape of your ear. Qualcomm is working to deliver an experience similar to Apple’s in terms of these features.

In other words, this feature can adjust the sound performance of the headset in real time according to the user. It is adjusted by the ear structure of the wearer, the fit and sound boarding. This new technology from Qualcomm will be used in headphones of brands such as Jabra, Sennheiser, Bang & Olufsen, 1More, Audio Technica and Skullcandy, which offer a high-end audio experience.

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