Adamari López’s home gym where he trains very hard


Adamari López is very dedicated to her healthy lifestyle. The driver on more than one occasion has shown excellent results from her training and is very proud of reaching her fitness goals.

However, when the pandemic broke into everyone’s lives, she was one of the first to isolate herself at home due to the various illnesses she has experienced. That is why she stopped not only going to work in A New Day, she also had to do without the gym.

But that did not mean that she stopped training hard and doing her routines, because with the help of her husband Toni Costa she created a home gym to do all kinds of exercises. Just like you are in a professional center. Since March, the host has shown on her social networks how she trains and her followers love it.

In her garden Adamari placed ropes, an obstacle course, arm accessories and a ladder. Thus, she remained healthy during the period that she had to be at home.

In her quest for a healthier lifestyle, Adamari has also shared the diets that have worked for her. Her followers have not hesitated to show her affection and have applauded her for setting a good example.

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