Adam Thielen is Reportedly Furious about the 49ers on Thursday

Joint training sessions before the 2022 NFL season have already led to tense moments in the league.
Minnesota Vikings star receiver Adam Thielen reportedly “disagreed” with some of the actions of the San Francisco Fort Niners defense during a joint practice on Thursday.
“Adam Thielen just rushed onto the field, causing an objection when the 49ers forced the #Vikings to run back to the ground. I had to restrain myself. There was a lot of tension on the 11th today,” team insider Sam Ekstrom reports.
According to NBC Sports Bay Area reporter Matt Macchio, the Niners’ defense was “pushing the boundaries” of fitness during today’s practice.
It is reported that during yesterday’s first joint training, things went badly. Elsewhere in the league, the Carolina Panthers and New England Patriots also fought during both joint practices this week.
The Vikings and Niners will have a day off tomorrow before Saturday’s preseason game in Minnesota.


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