Adam Sandler and Juancho Hernan Gomez recall the crush scene in which Anthony Edwards did not participate in the filming at all


Adam Sandler’s latest sports film Hustle starred several real basketball players demonstrating their acting abilities, including Juancho Hernangomes, who plays a rookie NBA scout. Another real basketball player you can recognize in the new Netflix movie is Minnesota Timberwolves player Anthony Edwards, who impressed the audience by playing the role of the antagonist in the film. Although this attacking defender was a team player throughout the making of this film, there was one scene in particular in which Edwards was not involved in filming at all.

The star of “Happy Gilmore” and Juancho Hernangomes had many pleasant memories of filming this crushing film “Rotten Tomatoes”. During an interview with Whistle Sports, Adam Sandler recalled one scene that Anthony Edwards refused to shoot. There was one particular move he couldn’t make while playing one-on-one with Hernangomes’ character. As Sandler shared:

Juancho’s character, Bo, should block Anthony Edward’s dunk, right? And Anthony’s like, “Oh, come on, man. I can’t let that happen.

It seems to me that the former Georgia Bulldogs player can be as competitive as his on-screen character. He played Bo’s opponent Juancho Hernangomes, trying to prevent him from making the 76th. To kill the recruit, Anthony Edwards’ Kermit started swearing at Bo to hurt his skin, for example, making fun of his Spanish roots, and also saying rude things about his mother and daughter. Fortunately, the 20-year-old basketball star said that in real life he would never stoop so low to chatter, even if today’s children continue to adhere to such bad habits. Watching these scenes caused a lot of concern when we saw whether Bo would be able to keep his cool and not miss his chances of getting into the NBA.

Given that Hernangomes and Edwards are professional basketball players in real life, their on—court skills are the real deal. The jazz player from Utah also commented on a specific action that his on-screen opponent refused to perform.

Anthony [Edwards] tried very hard to dunk me. He almost smashed the ball. I said to the Ant, “Dude, I have to block you,” he said, “there’s no way I’m going to let you block me.”

The scenes between Bo and Kermit really resembled scenes from Martin Scorsese’s Raging Bull. You can see the one-on-one tension between the two players, as if the basketball court was their personal boxing ring. These two players are literally going head-to-head with each other, and you can’t help but be on edge while watching. The camera moves when the actors move in perfect harmony. The audacity and realism shown by Anthony Edwards in “Kermit” really made him a scene stealer in “Hustle” at a time when you wouldn’t have guessed that this was his first film.

Hustle is one of the best movies you can watch on Netflix right now, and it has received a lot of rave reviews. This is a film that not only shows us what the world of basketball recruitment can be like, but also gives viewers the opportunity to study each of the characters in depth. If you want to see the antagonistic character traits that Anthony Edwards reveals in Hustle, you can watch the critically acclaimed film right now on a Netflix subscription.