Adam McKay Is Putting Together His Next Film After Don’t Look Up, and Robert Pattinson, Amy Adams and Others Will Join Us


Writer/director Adam McKay’s intuition for political satire has always been killer. Thanks to films such as The Big Short, Vice and Don’t Look Up, laughter is often combined with sharp barbs about real social problems that haunt the world as a whole. While this is not what we should expect to see in the new films release schedule for 2023, in McKay’s latest film, he teams up with Amy Adams again, and also involves Robert Pattinson and others in a story that is absolutely killer.

Deadline reported that the Oscar winner has his next film planned, which is called “Average height, average Build.” The premise is simple so far, but absolutely in Adam McKay’s wheelhouse. In this film, Robert Pattinson will play a serial killer who befriends a lobbyist played by Amy Adams. His goal: to change the laws regarding murder so that it would be much easier for him to do his job.

If you thought it was awesome, just wait until you see who else is on deck, as this project aims to launch in late 2023-early 2024. Jr., Forest Whitaker and Daniel Deadweiler.

Although the roles of Whitaker and Deadweiler have not yet been determined, Downey will play a retired detective obsessed with catching serial killer Robert Pattinson. Just like the forces gathered for his cast of “Don’t Look Up,” Adam McKay has assembled a number of the best talents who can embody his vision with ruthless precision.

If this is not an example of the right concept in the right hands with the right cast, then I do not know what it is. McKay’s reunion with Amy Adams is already the first step towards potential greatness. But with Pattinson and Downey set to play opponents in the realm of law and order, Average height, Average build have moved into a kind of rarefied air of potential.

Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Pattinson have been known to go crazy from time to time in their careers. In particular, two performances that come to mind in such an ecosystem are “Good Time”, which is one of Robert Pattinson’s best films, as well as Downey’s semi—controversial concert “Tropical Thunder”. Downey and Pattinson’s crazy battle can be something wonderful, especially when presented against such a politically charged backdrop.

If that promise is realized, and with the astounding lineup that has been put together to do so, it could be another favorite award for McKay to include on his resume. Average height, average build is currently looking after a studio house, after which it will presumably be put into production with the cast listed above. Presumably, we will be able to see the debut of this film at some point in 2024, if the planned plan works.

If you haven’t seen Adam McKay’s incendiary satire “Don’t Look Up,” those with a Netflix subscription don’t have to wait to catch up. Meanwhile, the next time you can see Robert Pattinson in the movie “Mickey 17”, the production of which is completed by the release date of March 9, 2024.


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