Adam Levine mocks Adam Levine after a scandal with an unfamiliar flirtation


Adam Devine (38) is making fun of Adam Levine (43)! Now the singer is on everyone’s ear. He and his wife Behati Prinslu (34) are looking forward to their third child. But the joy is overshadowed by some women who accuse married Adam of flirting with them. It is said that he even had an affair with the model Sumner Straw. But apparently all the inconsistencies lead to confusion. Adam Devine, apparently, is now more often mistaken for Adam Levine!

Adam DeVine posted a photo of himself and his wife Chloe Bridges (30) on Instagram. The comedian said that he and his partner are doing well, they don’t have a family crisis. “I’m not Adam Levine. He’s a different guy and a bad singer. In any case, we will name our unborn child Sumner,” the film producer joked. He was referring to Sumner’s revelation that Adam Levine had asked her to name her third child, Behati, after her.

Laughter erupted in the comments column of Adam Devine’s post. His followers were apparently delighted that the American was joking about all the foreign flirting scandals involving Adam Levine. “Haha, oh my God, I knew you were waiting for this day,” one surprised fan wrote.


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