Actress reveals why Amy and Sheldon’s love was so dear


The popular series The Big Bang Theory remains one of the most beloved shows by viewers despite having ended. But, Amy Farrah Fowler actress Mayim Bialik has revealed why viewers loved her character and Sheldon so much.

The actress Mayim Bialik, entered the series The Big Bang Theory during season 3 of the program, to play Amy Farrah Fowler, what she did not imagine was that her character would be part of the most important of the show.

“I think Jim Pearson and I didn’t know where this relationship would go,” says Bialik.

“There was a lot to us not being a sexually active couple, but still being romantically and intimately interconnected in so many ways. I’d say it’s probably the longest-running non-sexual relationship on TV, at least that I know of.”

The strange relationship that Sheldon and Amy had, became a sensation for viewers of the program, due to the amazing way that the two characters carried their courtship.

Amy’s character was only supposed to be a guest star. In fact, that is why Bialik first auditioned for the role. But she became part of the heart of the show.

The actress also revealed the reason why she decided to audition for The Big Bang Theory as a guest star, something that out of necessity became an acknowledged star.

“It’s true that after I got my Ph.D. I had a baby and a toddler and I was running out of health insurance.”

“I had been teaching neuroscience for about five years after getting my degree, and I thought if I could get a job here or there I could get health insurance. And I had never seen The Big Bang Theory, I didn’t. I don’t know what it was. It was a guest spot, a possible recurring role, and that’s how I ended up auditioning. ”

Without a doubt The Big Bang Theory, managed to be a catapult for Bialik, which went on to be recognized internationally, something that is now opening the doors to new roles.

The actress is currently premiering her new series called, “Call me Kat”, a sitcom broadcast by Fox and Zorro.


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