Actress Park So Dam Talks About Shocking Malicious Comments Received Since 2020, Netizens React


Celebrities get a lot of love from fans, but also hate. Unfortunately, this is a fact that doesn’t seem to improve over time.

Recently, actress Park So Dam revealed the malicious messages she received. She uploaded screenshots to her Instagram stories, demonstrating the level of hostility of malicious posts.

The messages sent in September 2020 read as follows:

“I’m a fan of ____, but I’m not watching it because of you, s**k, lol. Your face is full of shit. I can’t believe this is the face of the main character, show some decency, lol. You’re happy to be a leader with ____, risking those mean comments, lol. The world has become much better.

The female role, when you’re so ugly, lol I’m sure you were ambitious, since the opposite role was _____ lol You don’t even know your place thanks to the Parasite, you don’t know that they hate you on the net, let’s go back in fact even _____ fans abandoned work, huh”

During the Sollal (January 22), the actress shared a series of direct messages she received from the same person.

Referring to the actress’ struggle with thyroid cancer, due to which Park So Dam took a long break after surgery in December 2021, the post reads:

“I would like the cancer to spread. You should have died. You’re disgusting and you don’t deserve to be an actress. TTT… TTT. »

The actress responded politely, although she offered to save the messages in case she had to go to court.

“Hello, thank you for personally visiting my Instagram account in the new year. I will continue to move forward more actively. However, I will keep these messages! Have a good year! By the way, I would like to live a long and healthy life. 🥰 »

After seeing the stories of Park So Dam, many netizens commented on the online community, demonstrating their shock at the words spoken to the actress.

  • “I would like her to ignore her private messages and not read such messages… I feel like celebrities shouldn’t open private messages at all. The stars behave as if everything is fine, but their feelings are constantly offended.
  • “It is obvious that this man has gone mad, has become too envious for his own good. I hope she will continue them.”
  • “What’s wrong with people? ” ”
    — But is she beautiful? She looks angelic, like a newborn baby. Anyway, this guy pisses me off. I hope karma bites the hater’s ass hard! » »
  • “It’s not too DM-related… but let me point out that Park So Dam has such a clear face. She looks like a magical fairy in real life. I saw her at the award ceremony and was completely stunned.
  • “But why…? Why do people say such nonsense?
  • “Just bring them to justice, So Dam.”

Such a message will never be acceptable.


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