Actress Option Added to MyPLAYER in NBA 2K21


It will now be possible to appear in the WNBA by creating a female player in NBA 2K21. Thus, for the first time in the game, female players will be able to take part in the MyPLAYER section.

The favorite game mode of many players in the NBA 2K series has been the mode called MyPLAYER, which allows you to immerse yourself in the game. Until now, only male players competing in the NBA could be created in this mode.

It will now be possible to make a professional career in the WNBA by creating female basketball players in the game mode called The W. All 12 professional teams will also participate in this game. It will also be possible to play 3 vs 3 multiplayer matches online.

To be fairies of the crucible

NBA 2K21 already had both the licenses of WNBA teams and the mode that enabled progress by creating a player. If there are women in the game and there is a career-building mode, it is technically possible to play a female superstar, it seems quite natural, even a late innovation.

A short trailer for this new fashion has also been released. When we look at the trailer, we see that the new feature is a slightly shaved version of the traditional MyPLAYER version. The Neighborhood feature is not included in The W mode.

The producer of the game, 2K Sports, is currently developing innovations on the feature. Perhaps in the future, we might get features like the Neighborhood in actress careers. New information is expected to be announced soon.

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Women rise in the games

Playing games has now become a hobby that has spread to a wide audience. The number of female actors is also on the rise. Game companies also create opportunities for female actors to express themselves more in order to attract this audience.

Let’s see if 2K will be able to achieve the player increase it wants with the new mode it added in NBA 2K21? In addition, those who want to experience a league outside of the NBA will find the opportunity to compete in a different league with this mode. You can find the trailer for The W mod below.


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