Actress Oh In Hye passed away at the age of 36,


Oh In Hye – the actress was found in a state of apnea this morning – passed away that same day.

According to the latest Dispatch news, actress Oh In Hye passed away this afternoon (September 14). The actress was found by a friend in a state of unconsciousness, cardiac arrest and apnea at 5 am this morning at her home, then was first aid and taken to the nearest hospital.

After being rescued, the actress’s pulse and breathing reappeared. She received intensive treatment, but was unable to overcome the critical crisis and took her last breath this afternoon, 36 years old.

According to the police, the initial investigation revealed that the actress may have committed suicide. Oh In Hye’s funeral is scheduled to be held privately at Inha University Hospital on September 16.

Hope Oh In Hye rest in peace!

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