Actress Oh In Hye dies after cardiac arrest


South Korean actress Oh In Hye dies after suffering cardiac arrest, she was 36 years old. Born in South Korea in 1984, the celeb was dedicated to acting in movies and some dramas. The first reports indicate that she was found in her home, but still had vital signs when they took her to the hospital, previously, she had made an attempt on her life, but a friend alerted the authorities and they came to her rescue.

According to information from the Dispatch portal, Oh In Hye died of cardiac arrest. The actress was found at her home located in Song Do, an acquaintance had not been able to contact her, so she decided to call 911 and, after arriving at the scene, she was found in a critical situation and unconscious.

After performing first aid, Oh In Hye had hopes of surviving, as she showed a slight improvement in her condition, she had recovered her breathing and her heart beat again while she was hospitalized, waiting for her to wake up, unfortunately, the actress no longer recovered. consciousness and died.

So far, there are no reports on the cause that caused her cardiac arrest and why she was unconscious, but they do not rule out the idea that she made an attempt on her life. Oh In Hye was rescued during the early morning hours of September 14 (South Korean Time) and died sometime later. Her funeral will be held privately on September 16.


Oh In Hye was a South Korean actress from the Management nine company, she studied at Dongduk University and her career included several films and a couple of dramas, including Return Home, The Horse Doctor, The Plan and No Breathing, among others. ; her last job was in 2014. She recently decided to join YouTube and open her own channel.

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BREAKING: Actress Oh In Hye Dies

On social media, some fans shared their messages and condolences for the actress’s family. Dispatch also revealed the testimony of one of her acquaintances, who confirmed her death and confessed that she hoped her friend would recover.

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