Actress Kim Mi Soo dies, her last drama was Snowdrop


Landscape Entertainment, a talent agency in Korea, confirmed the death of one of its actresses, Kim Mi Soo, whose last project was the drama of ‘Snowdrop’.

Many fans mourn the death of Landscape Entertainment actress Kim Mi Soo, her last project was Snowdrop, with the character of Yeo Jung Min, who had a part of the plot as someone close to the protagonist Eun Young Ro.

Through an official statement, the death of this Korean actress who was only 31 years old was confirmed, Landscape Entertainment informed fans about the event and that out of respect for the family of Kim Mi Soo they should refrain from creating rumors and speculation, and that her family was grieving and still in shock.

Although the cause of Kim Mi Soo’s death was not stated, it was reported that it was something unexpected, it had not been previously confirmed that she had any illness, so it is a fact that has left the public, her agency and family in shock.


Kim Mi Soo was born on March 16, 1992, in South Korea, from a very young age she was interested in the world of music and dance, but her path came to the theater first, where she worked as an actress and called the attention of many; This is why she in 2018 made her film debut with a short film.

In 2019 she made her debut for television in the drama ‘Luwak Human’ and since then she has been having new roles in different productions such as dramas and movies, starring in the film ‘Kyungmi’s World’.

Since 2019, her career has expanded into acting, Kim Mi Soo played various characters that showed us the various facets of her as an actress.


Kim Mi Soo appeared in different dramas, here we leave you the complete list of everyone in which she acted in case you want to know more about her work.

Drama Festa

Hello and goodbye, Mom!

Towards the circle

The School Nurse Files

Drama Special

Yumi’s Cells



An unfortunate loss in the world of K-Dramas, it is definitely sad to hear of this kind of news, but Kim Mi Soo left her legacy in acting and delighted many fans in her lifetime, may she rest in peace.