Actress Kim Ji-young Has Released a Statement Regarding The Recent Allegations


Kim Ji-young responded to the accusations of two people. .

On January 22, a man who introduced himself as the actress’ ex-boyfriend said that she was being subjected to domestic violence, so his parents even borrowed money to rent a separate house for her and pay her monthly rent. He continued, “One day she disappeared and left home, and she told me not to contact her because now she’s dating someone else. She confidently said that if it was about money, then she would pay everything, but since then she has never contacted me.” He added that his parents are not getting enough sleep and are working extra to pay off their debt, and said he would delete the post as soon as she paid his family.

In addition, rapper Touch the Sky from “High School Rapper 4” also left comments on Kim Ji-young’s Instagram, saying: “Did you go to the beach using my money?” “Give me my money back,” and added, “Kim Ji—young borrowed 1.5 million won from me (approximately $1,220). She lied to borrow money and delayed the payment to me. I can’t contact her, I don’t know her address, and the phone number has changed.”

In response to the claims, Kim Ji-young took to her Instagram to write a statement on January 23.

The statement reads as follows:

Hello, this is actress Kim Ji-young. First of all, I sincerely apologize to everyone who has experienced disappointment and confusion in this situation. As for what was published in the news articles yesterday and any related issues, I am seeking legal advice from my parents and am preparing to take action. I regret and apologize for transmitting these negative news in connection with the Lunar New Year holiday. I will share further updates in the future. Sorry.

Born in 2005, Kim Ji-young debuted as a child actress at the age of 6 and built her career with the help of such dramas as “Jang Bo-ri is Here”, “Love in the Moonlight”, “Revenge No. 2”, “Itaewon Class”. ,” and more.


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