Actress explains to fans how to watch the final installment of the drama


This Is Us, the most successful and emotional family drama on television in recent decades, is scheduled to return to fan screens next Tuesday, January 4, 2022, when the first episode of the sixth and final season airs. through the NBC transmission chain, just as the network has it programmed.

While This Is Us throughout its run its plot has delivered an emotional rollercoaster to all viewers, season 6 will be no less intense than previous ones when the drama features the last part of the Pearson family story. Now that the series is coming to an end, many will wonder how they can prepare for the next eighteen episodes.

Recently, Chrissy Metz, who plays Kate Pearson on Dan Folgeman’s NBC series This Is Us, shared some tips on how fans can watch season 6 of the family drama, with the actress’s comments revealing what it takes. it’s really about NBC drama. The star spoke to Entertainment Weekly and touched on the latest chapter in the Pearson story.

In the interview, Metz said that the new season of This Is Us will be the “most emotional” in the entire history of the series. She also answered how fans can prepare to see the final episodes, with which it is planned to close the story arc of each of the characters that have kept viewers hooked in all this time. This the actress said:

“I really think it’s important to feel all the emotions. I think a lot of people don’t watch the show because they are very afraid of feeling everything that is going to come up. But what’s special about the show is that you can relate to yourself.”

“You can wish you had said something or wish you hadn’t said something through these characters. And if you can see him with the most vulnerable open heart, you will really get a lot out of him, and you will grow with him too.”

During a recent interview with Deadline, This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman announced that with the final season of This Is Us fans will see Rebecca (Mandy Moore) on her deathbed, while another of the most important stories will also be in focus. in the end of Kate and Toby’s (Chris Sullivan) marriage, as well as in Kevin Pearson’s (Justin Hartley) continuing existential crisis and the end of their love story.

Fogelman also added that the story about how the sentimental relationship between Rebecca and Miguel (Jon Huertas) arose will also be narrated in the final installment of This Is Us, this being one of the arcs that has most attracted the attention of viewers, and that It will finally be revealed when the drama returns starting in January.