ActRaiser Renaissance Breathes New Life Into The SNES Classic


ActRaiser: Square Enix is ​​getting closer and closer to the public that lived the golden age of SNES RPGs in the distant 90s. In addition to Trials of Mana, the producer gave us a pleasant surprise last September after, without any kind of splurge or leak, announce the production and release of ActRaiser Renaissance.

Just a light introduction for those unfamiliar, this game is a completely reworked version of the first ActRaiser, which brought elements of 2D progression, RPG and realm management in its package. All this is contained in the remake, which still brings some extras to complement what we see here.

Playing divinity

The story of ActRaiser Renaissance remains intact and in line with the original title. In the role of a god, it’s up to you to explore each of the realms present here in three different segments: initial exploration area, realm management and phase with boss battles. In total, there are seven areas, one more than in the original (Alcaleone was only added in this version).

Starting with the phases of lateral progression, it is noteworthy that all of them underwent a complete reconstruction not only in the look, but also in the positioning of the enemies. Those who had fun in the original will still recognize areas like Fillmore and Northwall, which have gained a much more vivid look in this edition thanks to the filters and all the other visual elements that have been added.

Oh, and for those wondering about the Mode 7 effect as you enter each stage: yes, it stays here and even with the slap on the look it still stays pretty true to what was seen on Nintendo’s 16-bit console, looking like a nice tribute to fans of the original title.

When we talk about additions, it is also necessary to comment that the game’s protagonist underwent an almost complete overhaul in his moves, receiving some combos on the ground and in the air and even a takedown movement to hit whoever is below. While the last one proves useful only against conventional enemies, the other two spring up as good additions in confrontations against some bosses, especially the aerial one for those who float through the stage.


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