Actors of the film Gran Turismo Never Have I Ever Star Darren Barnett


Never Have I Ever star Darren Barnett has been announced as the latest actor working on the upcoming film adaptation of the best-selling racing video game Gran Turismo. The casting is the latest in a series of high-profile additions to the Sony project.

The upcoming Gran Turismo project is based on the eponymous series of best-selling racing games for Playstation, which has sold more than 85 million units on six generations of Sony consoles worldwide since the release of the first game in 1997 and continues to release games that are consistently in demand. it is among the best video games of the year. However, unlike the games, the film will have a more story-oriented narrative, in which the emphasis on car simulation will be shifted, since, as the team hopes, it will be a more human experience. Based on real events, it will tell about a young player whose gaming skills brought him a number of victories in competitions sponsored by Nissan, which gave him a unique chance to become a real professional racer.

According to a report by The Hollywood Reporter, which covered the star-studded cast as it progressed, Barnett will play the role of the GT Academy’s best racer until the protagonist arrives. Upset by the sudden appearance of this upstart, Barnett’s character will be at odds with Archie Madekwe, who got the main role. The two young stars will work alongside industry veterans and leading stars such as David Harbour and Orlando Bloom, whose casting was recently announced for the role of a voracious marketing director.

Production is due to begin in Hungary this week, and the script was prepared by Zach Beilin, who worked on the award-winning King Richard, and American screenwriter-sniper Jason Hall, who is also appointed executive producer. Kazunori Yamauchi, an icon of the gaming industry and creator of the Gran Turismo franchise, will join him as an executive producer, while Dana Brunetti and Doug Belgrade will produce. The project also involves Carter Swan from PlayStation Productions and Asad Gyzylbash, who will work with the producers. At the helm is Neil Blomkamp, who was appointed director to replace Joseph Kosinski of “Tron: Legacy,” who originally negotiated the production in 2015.

Given the success of the PlayStation and Sony’s film adaptation of the video game with Uncharted, the addition of several new projects, such as Gran Turismo, was not a big surprise. Barnett, like Madekwe, has shown himself in recent projects, such as his portrayal of the emotionally complex Paxton Hall-Yoshida. Fans who were skeptical of the young talent at the helm can now rest easy with the addition of Bloom and Harbor, who recently showed that he has enough talent and range to make Santa Claus look intimidating.

The premiere of Gran Turismo in cinemas is scheduled for August 11, 2023.


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