Actor Ted Lasso’s reaction to the Emmy Nomination is the most possible for Roy Kent


Despite having already received an award last year, Ted Lasso actor Brett Goldstein reacts to his Emmy nomination in the best possible Roy Kent manner. Goldstein stars in the series as Roy, an experienced midfielder and team captain who initially proves problematic while welcoming titular coach Jason Sudeikis to AFC Richmond. Over the course of the series, Roy became friends with Ted and, after retiring at the end of the first season, returned to the team as a member of Ted’s coaching staff.

Along with Sudeikis and Goldstein, Ted Lasso’s cast includes Hannah Waddingham, Jeremy Swift, Phil Dunster, Brendan Hunt, Nick Mohammed, Juno Temple, Sarah Niles and Tohib Jimo. Based on the character of the same name, first created by NBC Sports and developed by Sudeikis, Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence, Hunt and Joe Kelly, the Apple TV+ series has received rave reviews from both critics and viewers for its touching tone, well-intentioned themes and charming humor. and the performances of his actors. Ted Lasso’s Season 1 was a big success at the Emmy Awards with 20 nominations, the most among comedy series for newcomers, and brought home four statues, including for Best Actor for Sudeikis, Best Actress for Waddingham, Best Comedy Series and Best Supporting Actor for Goldstein, and As the second season has received more widespread acclaim than its predecessor, one star is excited about his chances of winning the award.

Primetime Emmy nominations were announced this week, and Ted Lasso of Apple TV+ received an impressive 20 nominations, including Brett Goldstein for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. The actor took to his Twitter account to celebrate the award nomination in the best possible Roy Kent manner, offensively noting that he was included in the “knockout list.”

Goldstein became a breakout star thanks to his role as Roy Kent in┬áTed Lasso, even rivaling Sudeikis’ charming enough performance as the titular coach to become the favorite character of the series. Some viewers even began to put forward a strange theory that Goldstein was not a real person, but rather created by computer graphics, to which Goldstein himself boldly responded by shooting him, even answering in the most Roy-Kent style that this theory was “f—-ng the load of crazy s-t”. Even before his new Emmy nomination, Goldstein showed how closely he and Roy are connected in real life when he struggled not to swear while accepting his Emmy win for Ted Lasso in the first season.

Viewers will surely be thrilled to see Goldstein receive an Emmy Award nomination again for his role as Roy Kent in Ted Lasso season 2, even if it means he’s once again up against his co-star, Nate actor Nick Mohammed. Fans of the series will surely be even more pleased to see that Goldstein and Mohammed were joined by Ted Lasso’s third star, actor Sam Tohib Jimo, and the young character played a more important role in the second season, when he began dating the team owner Rebecca. Welton. Only time will tell if any of Ted Lasso’s stars will bring the Emmy statue home when the ceremony begins on September 12.