Actor in The Matrix not invited to new movie


While many are still disappointed by the departure of the original creators of Avatar: The Last Airbender from the live-action promoted by Netflix, other news about North American audiovisual may sadden some.

Matrix 4 will not feature Laurence Fishburne. The actor confirmed that he was not invited to return to the role of Morpheus in the fourth film in the franchise. In a friendly tone he made the statement, and wished Lana Wachowski’s new project a success.

Lana even returns alone as a screenwriter and director of the new production. In the first three films he shared this position with his sister, Lilly Wachoski, who was not confirmed in the fourth feature.

While Fishburne is out, Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss return to reprise their roles as Neo and Trinity. Those who followed the original trilogy may find this strange, but the story will probably be able to justify the return of the iconic protagonists.

Another question that Matrix 4 ends up generating is what kind of story you want to tell. The return of the original protagonists suggests an unprecedented story, not a reboot that would likely scale new actors. Therefore, we can assume that the peace between humans and machines has ended at some point, and Neo and Trinity return to seek a new truce.

Matrix 4 will feature new characters, played by Patrick Neil Harris (How I Meet Your Mother), and several actors from Sense 8, a Netflix series also produced by the Wachowski sisters.

The new feature is expected to debut sometime in 2022.

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