Actor Harley Quinn, who played the role of Nightwing, thanks fans after his debut in the series


Harvey Gillen thanked his fans for the praise he received for voicing Nightwing in the third season of the DC animated series “Harley Quinn”. The actor is best known for playing the fan-favorite familiar Guillermo in the vampire comedy “What We Do in the Shadows.” With the premiere of the recent season of the show, Guillen expressed his gratitude for the unwavering love and support he provides, being part of the DC universe.

Harley Quinn returned to HBO Max on July 28 with the premiere of a three-part season. One of the main topics of conversation before season 3 was the newly formed relationship between Harley Quinn, voiced by Kaley Cuoco, and Poison Ivy, voiced by Lake Bell. In the second episode of the season, titled “There’s No Ivy on the Team,” Nightwing, whose real name is Dick Grayson, makes his debut when he returns to fight crime in Gotham City with his bat family. Guillen’s performance caused a lot of laughter from the fans.

On Instagram, Gillen shared several fan art and praised his Nightwing performance. The first was a drawing of Guillen himself in a Nightwing uniform, made by illustrator Christian Cimoroni. Among others, there were fan tweets praising the voiceover and encouraging others to see Guillen’s other works, primarily “What We Do in the Shadows.” One of them was even a video collection of some of his most notable quotes from that episode. Gillen writes:

Thank you so much for all the love of Nightwing and the support of @dcharleyquinn.. I’m excited to continue being a part of the @dccomics world.. what is your favorite line at the moment? ”

Harley Quinn has received praise for her black humorous take on the DC universe and its characters. The attitude towards Nightwing in the series was no exception. The sense of humor shown by Harley Quinn allowed Guillen to utter lines such as “Did your mom ever tell you not to play with matches?” and hilariously “F*** the macaroni,” which some fans called their favorite phrases. As Guillen also stated, Harley Quinn is not his only venture owned by DC, as it was confirmed that he will play a role in the feature film “Blue Beetle” for the DC extended universe, which is due to be released on August 18, 2023.

The decision to portray Nightwing as a brooding lord until his true nature becomes a pouty drama queen was another great addition to Harley Quinn’s creative team. The popularity of Nightwing, the colossal number of Guillen’s fans thanks to “What we Do in the Shadows”, his playing and performance of both super-serious and tearful replicas make fans invest in his Harley Quinn playing. It’s also nice to see how grateful Guillen was to his fans. There are still seven episodes of the third season left, and Nightwing has enough time to fight Harley or any other DC villains to hopefully get more hilarious results and dialogues.


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