Actor Frankie from the community had no idea that the show was so popular on Netflix


Community star Paget Brewster, although she joined the series late, is often surprised by the number of fans and did not know that the series is very popular on Netflix. After appearing as a guest in season 5, Brewster joined the NBC sitcom in season 6 as Frankie Dart, a consultant hired by Greendale to help improve college and curb the antics of the research group and Dean Pelton of Jim Rash. Despite initially acting as a mere opponent for the group, Frankie eventually becomes another central member of the main characters of the community and helps the school rise above its problems.

From 2009 to 2014, “Community” struggled for its ratings, but for six seasons it received widespread critical acclaim, namely for the unique humor of creator Dan Harmon and the performances of his actors Joel McHale, Donald Glover, Danny Pudi, Alison Brie, Gillian Jacobs, Yvette Nicole Brown, Ken Jeong and Jim Rush. After switching to the now defunct Yahoo! Screen, Community has come to an end and gained a big cult following after its streaming debut on Hulu and Netflix. Despite this popularity, one of the stars of the community is surprised to see the persistence of the show.

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During an exclusive conversation with Screen Rant to discuss Birdgirl from Adult Swim, Paget Brewster spoke about the community’s fan base. Actress Frankie said she didn’t know that the show was so popular on Netflix or that there was even a season on the streaming platform in which she starred. See what Brewster said below:

“First of all, I didn’t know what you were telling me, I thought we never had Netflix numbers and we’d never find out anything. I just know that more people seem to be excited about the Community, and I see people in Greendale. T-shirts in the supermarket. I had a fan who drew Frankie Dart, and I kept it for myself at Meltdown Comics, a comic book store in Hollywood. People seemed to get carried away with it more, I didn’t know it was because they were at Netflix. everything, but yes, it’s great. And they have Yahoo season, do they have my season? Wow, I won! [Laughs]”

In the last two seasons of Community, the central cast has changed frequently, as Chevy Chase was shamefully asked to leave the show due to disagreements on set with Donald Glover and reports of behavior problems. Glover himself will leave in season 5 due to the fact that he will focus on other projects, and Yvette Nicole Brown will leave to take care of her sick father, which will lead to the appearance of Frankie Brewster in season 6, as well as Buzz Hickey Jonathan Banks and Elroy Patashnik Keith David. . Although some fans felt the absence of Glover and Chevy, many reacted favorably to Brewster joining the group in the 6th season of “Community”, watching Frankie’s evolution from a regular character to a more silly character of the show.

Since its finale, the Community has enjoyed many streaming houses, although Netflix proved to be its most popular platform after its addition in 2020, where it hit the top ten platforms within weeks of its premiere and remains one of the most popular. popular names since then. With the resurgence of popularity, many fans of the series remain hopeful that the long-discussed community film will finally get off the ground, and Joel McHale recently confirmed that the popularity of Netflix has helped studios gain new interest in the production of the film. While viewers are waiting for further words about a potential movie, they can return to Brewster’s work in the Community, where all six seasons are broadcast on Netflix.