Actor Eddie Munson from “Very Strange Cases” recalls his unusual casting


The newcomer of the fourth season of the series “Very strange things” Joseph Quinn recalls the strange audition process in which he participated when he was chosen for the role of Eddie Munson. Quinn joined the series in the first volume of the fourth season, making her debut in the season premiere “Hellfire Club”. The star will return in the second volume of the fourth season, which will be released on July 1, 2022.

A newcomer to the popular Netflix sci-fi series, Quinn plays Eddie Munson, a Hawkins High School student who is the guitarist of the band Corroded Coffin, as well as the head of the school’s D&D club, Hellfire Club. Having befriended Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard) and Dustin Henderson (Gaten Matarazzo) through a club, Eddie soon finds himself drawn into the mysteries of the Downside when he is suspected of involvement in a series of horrific deaths in the city, which led to Dustin and his friends trying to clear his name. As Eddie is set to have a key memorable moment in the upcoming two-part season finale, Quinn reflects on his path to being on the show, including his unusual casting process.

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In an interview with The Guardian, Quinn reflected on how he was chosen for the role of Eddie Munson, saying that, in his opinion, this process was different from what he was used to. When asked about how he was chosen after submitting two tapes for audition, the actor explained that he did not take part in any meetings or readings in chemistry, and the process turned out to be shorter than he thought. Quinn admitted that it made him nervous, and he subsequently wondered if the showrunners, the Duffer brothers, would feel that they had chosen him incorrectly later. Read Quinn’s full answer below.

“No meetings, no chemistry readings, no lengthy process. It was quite unusual and very disarming. That meant I was waiting for [the creators] the Duffer brothers to realize they had made a mistake.”

While the showrunners praised Quinn, the Duffer brothers admitted that they regretted one thing related to his character. The Duffer brothers said they regret the murder of Chrissie Cunningham (Grace Van Deen), a popular cheerleader at Hawkins High School, after her conversation with Eddie was filmed during an interview in early June. The showrunner revealed that Chrissy’s death was filmed before they filmed her meeting with Eddie in the woods, meaning that her fate was already decided before Quinn and Dien got the chance to act together and show their chemistry. Despite the regret, the Duffer brothers praised Quinn and Dien for their performances, emphasizing Quinn’s spontaneity and Dien’s reaction to him, stating that it apparently helped the audience to like both characters.

After a long wait between the third and fourth seasons, the return of “Very Strange Things” was warmly welcomed by fans, becoming the most watched English Netflix series to date. Along with the success of the last season, Eddie quickly became a fan favorite character, and Quinn recently teased what the future holds for him after the penultimate season. With such a positive reaction, some fans may be surprised at how quickly Eddie was chosen, but while Quinn may have had his doubts due to the unusual casting process, the character’s warm welcome solidified him as a favorite among the show’s cast and proved that the Duffer brothers made the right decision by choosing an actor.