Activision Reaches An Agreement With The Government For One Of Its Complaints For Alleged HYarassment


Activision: The North American company has published a new statement announcing new additional measures. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in the United States has denounced Activision Blizzard for alleged cases of discrimination and sexual and workplace harassment within the company. However, the North American company has reported in a press release that it has reached an agreement with this body to resolve this particular complaint.

The agreement contemplates the reinforcement of prevention policies and programs in matters such as harassment or discrimination in the workplace. Activision Blizzard is committed to creating a $ 18 million fund to compensate victims and whistleblowers. On the other hand, the money that is not used will be divided and destined to different organizations dedicated to the advancement of women within the industry, as well as to organizations that work in the prevention of discrimination and in gender equality, diversity and inclusion .

Activision says it wants to be a champion of inclusion

Activision Blizzard also announced an initiative to develop software tools and training programs to help improve policies and practices within the workplace. “There is no room in our company for discrimination, harassment or unequal treatment of any kind,” said Bobby Kotick, CEO of the company. “I am grateful to the employees who have courageously shared their experiences. I am sorry if someone has had to experience inappropriate behavior. ” The manager has assured that his commitment is to make Activision Blizzard one of the companies “in the world most inclusive” and respectful.

According to Kotick, they will continue to be “vigilant” so that these cases are not repeated. “We thank the EEOC for its constructive interaction as we continue to fulfill our commitments to eradicate inappropriate pipelines.” To that end, they will not only launch programs, but will also review all their internal processes. The results of these investigations will have to be forwarded to the Board of Directors and the Commission.


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