Activision Got A Patent That Can Fix Bugs In Games


Activision received a patent that can fix bugs in games. According to Activision’s patent, the games will be tested automatically thanks to specially produced controllers and microchips to be attached to them. Thanks to this patent, game developers’ work will be much easier.

Solving errors and problems in games can sometimes be quite difficult. In particular, some errors may not be noticed both during the tests and after the game’s release.

No matter how well-developed a game is, it always has some bugs. These bugs are usually fixed with the first day patch or later updates. Especially since Cyberpunk 2077, which was released last year, contained too many errors, players began to heavily criticize games with errors.

Activision can change the gaming world:

According to the patent, which turned out to be licensed by Activision, game companies will revive certain situations thanks to specially programmed controllers. For example, if a bug in the X game requires a certain key combination or a special situation, the controller will imitate it exactly, making it easier for both the developer team and the game test team. Since this system can recreate scenarios that are very difficult to do and that few players can do, it will perhaps find errors that even the players do not know.

Another feature mentioned in the patent is that thanks to the special microchips attached to these controllers, a single controller will be able to control the game on more than one machine at the same time. In this way, perhaps hundreds of different scenarios can be tried simultaneously with a single custom controller. Since these microchips can also send commands instantly, there will be no problem of “pressing the right key at the right time”.

This technology can even shorten the launch times of games:

Some game companies tried to release their games as accurately as possible, so release times could double. Thanks to this technology, tests that would take months, with sufficient equipment, can be completed in just a few weeks.

Especially recently, the addition of different mechanics to the games and the constant presence of bugs in existing games make it difficult for game developers to test bugs. With this patent, Activision can create a big change in the gaming market.


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