Activision Boss Requests A Pay Cut And Promises More Inclusion In The Company


Activision: Boby Kotick, CEO of the North American giant, leads a company denounced for labor and sexual abuse. New chapter in the case of Activision Blizzard. Following the complaint by the state of California for alleged crimes of sexual and workplace harassment, the company’s chief executive officer, Bobby Kotick, has again issued a new statement. He calls on the board of directors to reduce his salary to the minimum, while announcing a series of measures aimed at eliminating any vestige of abuse and harassment, all while exploring new ways to promote inclusivity.

In the letter posted on the investors page, Kotick has confirmed that he has asked to reduce his salary to the minimum, as provided by law and according to his position, that is, $ 62,500. He will not receive any type of compensation or extra until the board of directors determines that they have achieved the goals of transformation and inclusivity. Likewise, he has shared a letter with several measures:

What does Activision Blizzard propose?

“We are going to initiate a new zero-tolerance policy against harassment across the company,” he explains. In the past, when uncovering a possible situation of this type, they sometimes resorted to dismissal, but mostly they focused on written and verbal warnings; they also took different disciplinary actions. According to Kotick, this approach is no longer appropriate, as he believes they need “tougher rules” and more vigilance within the company, to ensure that complaints “are being handled correctly.”

According to the statement, any Activision Blizzard employee who has gone through the investigative process and an attempt to retaliate against the complainant is discovered “will be terminated immediately.” In cases of reprehensible behavior in the workplace, written warnings will be dispensed with, as dismissal will be the primary tool. This includes, of course, abuse cases.

Kotick says he wants to ensure that employees who make complaints feel protected and heard. “In harassment reports” they will investigate not only what happened, but also if Activision Blizzard staff take the necessary precautions to “protect the integrity” of the processes.

Another point to take into account is that they will increase the percentage of women and non-binary people by 50%. In addition, they will invest 250 million dollars in order to foster talent in diverse people. “Today, approximately 23% of our employees identify as women or non-binary people.”

From now on they will renounce arbitration in cases of sexual abuse and discrimination, something that the workers themselves had requested. On the other hand, it is committed to making equal payment visible.


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