Activision Blizzard Would Have ‘Hidden’ Dozens Of People’s Dismissal


Activision Blizzard would have “hidden” the firing of more than three dozen people and disciplinary sanctions to more than 40 employees, in relation to the allegations of sexual abuse that the company is suffering. The information was released yesterday (17) by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

Acquired this Tuesday (18) by Microsoft for almost US$ 70 billion, in an acquisition that still depends on approvals from legal bodies, Activision Blizzard is also in the headlines with bad news.

According to the WSJ, the layoffs and punishments were hushed up by the developer/publisher’s own CEO Bobby Kotick, who would not like the details of the case to come out. Despite the controversies, the owner of Xbox guaranteed that Kotick remains in office (unknown for how long).

The report obtained by the WSJ also reveals that in recent years there have been about 700 internal complaints filed at Activision Blizzard regarding worker misconduct.

What does the company say?

In an official response, Helaine Klasky, a spokeswoman for Activision Blizzard, confirmed that 37 people had been laid off in recent months and that another 44 received internal punishment. Klasky said the figure of 700 complaints is “inaccurate” and that the overall balance actually contains many minor employee complaints and only a small amount is related to more serious matters.

The spokeswoman also said that Kotick has never tried to hide information about the layoffs, as Activision Blizzard’s intention is to ensure that “accurate data and analysis to share.”